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Have you ever thought:

“What’s happening in my life?”

  “I feel off balance.”

” Why isn’t life working out for me?” 

  Or, perhaps you have a life threatening illness and don’t know how to heal.

When toxic thoughts, emotions and feelings are not processed and released, they produce toxic energy in the body.  Toxic energy can distort our perceptions and block the flow of healthy energy into our lives.

When we  store toxic thoughts, emotions and feelings,  we may experience:


*financial lack

*emotional distress

*spiritual blocks

*repeated toxic patterns in relationships (same guy/gal-different face)

 These feelings and emotions we have buried deep within. We cannot feel them, or we don’t want to feel them, but they are running our lives on a subconscious level.    In psychological terms we call it “repression or suppression”.  As a result we are not living totally alive, instead we are living our lives from  our “early” programming.  The “early” programming happened so early, and in such a way, that we are totally unaware of how it is controlling the life.

Through the practice of energetic release, education and simple practical exercises we can identify, process and release these toxic emotions, thoughts and feelings,  and live the life we are created to live.  

Please take a look at my website.  I have tried to provide some information and tools to help you gain some insight into different ways you can live a more fulfilling life.

We can be totally  Alive!



Louise’s healing work is quite remarkable. She is able to move energetic blocks out of the body and psyche and does so with great compassion and care.

I feel her life’s experiences have lead her to embrace this path fully and with great mindfulness.

I recommend her work. She has an amazing gift to share.

Dr. Gail, Sacramento, CA  (August 2011)


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